Genetics Records


Gyr Records


You can look up information on the ancestors of the birds you purchase from us by using the records below.  Some of our birds date as far back as 1975.  Birds obtained around that time are noted on “Page 1” with the latest additions listed at the bottom of this page. 

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The full band # from 2007 on reads... ’07, ’08, ’09 etc.  This shows the year.  Then and the number of the bird... 292 or 293, or 294 and so on.

Blood... are some letters (names) that we have given to our birds.

F2 to F7 tells how many generations the birds were bred in captivity.

Parent ID # is the number given to the parents.  Anybody can look up in our website and find the parents or ancestors of each bird under the page “Genetics Records”