Hitler and falconry


During the Hitler period, the sport of falconry in Germany was totally taken hostage by the government and controlled by the SS, the Gestapo and the army in five official government operated falcon centers.  The head motivators of these centers were Hermann Göring, Hitler’s Interior  and Air force Minister.  Later on he was joined by Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s highest police officer and most ruthless mass murderer.  Together these two perfected…..

The Gestapo:

Abbreviation  for Hitler’s Geheime Staatspolizei, German for Secret State Police.  Similar in structure but not in concept as the FBI in the US and the CSIS in Canada today.  Under Göring and Himmler, the Gestapo became responsible for state security, espionage, intelligence and the removal of all “undesirables” (Jews, gypsies, clergy or anyone that opposed the Nazis system).

German Falconry Meeting, 1932

The “SS Falkenhof” at the Concentration Camp Weimar Buchenwald was Hitler’s main center to educate spies in the art of falconry.  He used his spies to infiltrate  the Moslem world of North Africa and the Middle East

In 1945 the Americans liberated Concentration Camp Buchenwald and its inmates.  One of the survivors was Leopold Reitter, Prisoner #4227.  He was interned at KZ Buchenwald since 1939.  On April 25, 1945 he gave before the representatives of the US Army the following statement...  

          "The falkenhof was built at the order of Reich's leader SS Heinrich Himmler for the pleasure and enjoyment of the new Nazi aristocracy.  It was a group of houses in which eagles, falcons, goshawks and other raptorial birds were kept. The structures were built with superior material, luxuries, and in Gothic style.  The Nazi bandits could afford this since the craftsmanship was provided by concentration camp inmates [mostly Jews] without pay and it did not make any difference when daily some returned dead to camp.  The comrades had to perform daily, hard labor from early morning until late at night with empty stomachs, under the whip of the SS.  Only a few survived.  After the Falkenhof was completed, a regular work group of 6 to eight concentration camp inmates was employed to feed and care for the birds.  The SS did not spare any kicks and hits......"

....[Document 31/98, Buchenwald archives, Weimar - Buchenwald]

Besides the SS Falkenhof at Concentration Camp Buchenwald, there were several falcon centers of the army.  Most of them were operated by the Schutzstaffel of the “SS – Totenkopfverband” (SS-Death's-Head Unit) an elite security guard of the Nazi Party, originally formed to guard concentration camps. The members of thise elite group within the elite SS were the only ones wearing a death head symbol on the collar of their uniforms from which the  Totenkopfverbaende took their name.  The Gestapo (German Secret Service) of course worked like any other today, in plain clothes.             

I first visited Concentration Camp Buchenwald in 1995 and was told by a tour guide that the SS Death's Head Battalion and Gestapo was Hitler's ultimate power and center for security.  It operated like a.... 

government within the government of Hitler's Germany .”

White Gyrfalcons, oil and Goering.

By the late 1930tees  Hitler was well established and had brought up the German economy through his war and army focussed industry to astounding progress. New Autobahns where going in all directions,  all sorts of machinery,  automobiles, tanks, trucks,Planes and Rockets where build in astounding numbers.  But Hitler the great strategist had painted himself somehow in the corner, as all these inventions consumed millions of barrels of oil which could not be found in Germany.    

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